Significant Maritime Incidents

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Date: 28/12/2019

Saturday 28th December, 5:13 am – RCC Bermuda received an SSAS security alert from the Bermuda registered LNG Tanker, LNG LOKOJA, the report showed the vessel to be in the Gulf of Guinea. The vessels Company Security Officer was alerted by RCC Bermuda and the vessel was found to be under attack. LNG LOKOJA was able to increase speed to avoid being boarded and continued to her next port of call as planned.

Date: 22/12/2019

Sunday 22nd December, 10:37 pm – RCC Bermuda received a 406 MHz EPIRB distress signal from the Bermuda registered LNG Tanker GASLOG SALEM located in the Pacific midway between Hawaii and Japan. The vessels emergency contacts ashore were able to confirm that the vessel was safe,and the false alert is to be investigated. RCC Bermuda were able to advise JRCC Honolulu that no action was required.