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Date: 15/11/2017

Wednesday 15th November, 11pm. The 44ft sloop 'STORMY WEATHER' was successfully towed into Bermuda last night after losing its mast, boom, and propeller four days earlier. At approx. 1am, Saturday 11th November, Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre (BMOC) was contacted by a concerned person ashore reporting that the 44ft Sloop ‘STORMY WEATHER’ was disabled 147 nm southwest of Bermuda. A few minutes later a second call was received from the skipper of STORMY WEATHER reporting that vessel had lost its prop, mast and boom in a recent squall. There were no reported injuries onboard with intention for crew (5 persons) to cut away bits of broken mast and rig up a temporary structure, allowing vessel to continue sailing towards Bermuda. Bermuda Radio established a communications schedule with vessel while also continuing to monitor movement via an onboard tracking system. A few hours later, BMOC received an updated position for sailing vessel ‘STORMY WEATHER’, with skipper also reporting that one crew member was severely sea sick and hadn’t eaten or drank fluids in last 24 hours. The crew member had taken medication over the last few days with little change in his condition. BMOC arranged for Medical advice via USCG Flight Surgeon with instruction to continue with medication and intake of fluids. Gladly, the crew member responded well to onboard treatment as the vessel continued towards Bermuda, managing to sail to position 20 miles southwest of Gibbs Hill Lighthouse. Due to unfavourable winds, a commercial tow was arranged to rendezvous with vessel in Argus Bank, with both vessels arriving safely into St. George’s Harbour around 11pm, Wednesday night.

Date: 11/11/2017

Saturday 11th November, 10:23am. Bermuda Radio is contacted by the 50ft Ketch ‘CARADOW’ on final approach to Bermuda, reporting that a 60-year-old crew member was in need of non-urgent medical assistance. Following recent cataract surgery, the patient was now experiencing pain and pressure behind his left eye. S/v CARADOW on route from Marion, Massachusetts, bound for Guadeloupe, arrived into St. George’s harbor a few hours later with the patient taken by taxi to King Edward VII Memorial Hospital.

Date: 07/11/2017

Tuesday 7th November 2017, 9:18pm. RCC Bermuda received a Ship Security Alert (SSAS) from the 8,455 GRT Bermuda Registered Product Tanker ‘SICHEM NEW YORK’, off the North-West coast of Spain. A call to the Ship Company Security Officer confirmed that the vessel was safe and well, later determining that the SSAS alert was sent inadvertently due to faulty equipment onboard.

Date: 06/11/2017

Monday 6th November 2017, 7:48pm. RCC Bermuda received a Ship Security Alert (SSAS) from the 116,568 GRT Bermuda Registered Gas Tanker ‘LNG ABUJA II’, off the coast of South Africa. A call to the Ships Marine Superintendent confirmed that the vessel was safe and well, later determining that the SSAS alert was sent inadvertently.

Date: 05/11/2017

Sunday 5th November, 3:34pm. P/C LINE OUT contacts Bermuda Radio reporting that vessel is disabled in Castle harbour with one person on-board, due to engine issue. Another vessel, ‘FISH HAWK’, overhears conversation, taking subject vessel under tow back to its mooring.

Date: 05/11/2017

Sunday 5th November, 5:50pm. Bermuda Radio was contacted by the 20ft P/C BLACK TIE with 4 POB, reporting that vessel is disabled in Paradise Lakes. Bermuda Radio commenced VHF calls to vessels in area while boat owner also attempted to make arrangement for a tow. A short while later, P/C BLACK TIE confirms that vessel has arranged a tow back to Jews Bay.

Date: 04/11/2017

Saturday 4th November, 7:05am. Bermuda Radio received a call from the 140ft motor yacht BYSTANDER, 140nm SW of Bermuda, reporting that vessel was diverting to the island with a crewmember in need of urgent hospital attention. The vessel originally on route from Newport, Rhode Island, to Antigua, was now due to arrive off the east end of Bermuda around 8pm. The patient was safely taken ashore Saturday evening with M/Y BYSTANDER departing Bermuda again early Sunday morning.

Date: 04/11/2017

Saturday 4th November 2017, 12:05pm. RCC Bermuda received a Ship Security Alert (SSAS) from the 35,346 GRT Bermuda Registered Gas Tanker ‘BW NICE’, on passage near the island of Luzon, in the Philippines. A call to the Ship Company Security Officer confirmed that the vessel was safe and well, later determining that the SSAS alert was sent inadvertently.

Date: 04/11/2017

Saturday 4th November 2017, 10:35pm. A member of the public contacted Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre reporting a white/yellow coloured light seen in the area south of the Southampton Princess Hotel. Upon further discussion it was believed that the earlier sighting did not match that of a marine distress flare. No further action was taken given the lack of additional flare reports or persons reported overdue or in Distress.

Date: 03/11/2017

Friday 3rd November, 1:16am. A Ship Security Alert (SSAS) was received from the Bermuda registered tanker ‘SICHEM PARIS’, on passage in the Yucatan Channel, west of Cuba. RCC Bermuda contacted the ship company security officer who reported that the vessel was safe and well, having sent the SSAS alert sent in live mode during a routine drill on-board. The Ship Security Alert System (SSAS) is one safety measure used for strengthening ship security and subduing acts of piracy and/or terrorism against shipping.

Date: 01/11/2017

Wednesday 1st November, 5:45pm. Bermuda Radio received a call from the 22ft power craft ‘SUNREAL’ with two persons on-board, reporting that the vessel had lost its rudder after striking bottom in Paradise Lakes. The two occupants were instructed to conduct a quick check of vessel for water intake, confirming a minute later that vessel was indeed taking on water near Alpha Island. Bermuda Radio commenced Urgent Marine Information Broadcasts (PANPAN) with a good Samaritan arriving on scene a few minutes later, taking the vessel under tow towards the southern end of Morgan’s Point. Following a partial beaching of boat, the occupant reported that the stern was still under water and he would need assistance getting boat onto dry land. Construction workers on site also came to the boater’s assistance, using a nearby crane to hoist the boat ashore. Bermuda Radio cancelled its Urgent Marine Information Broadcast as all parties were reported safely ashore.

Date: 30/10/2017

Monday 30th October, 9:50am. Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre is contacted by the Department Environment & Natural Resources (DENR) reporting that a fuel spill has occurred near the gas station by Flatt’s Inlet. DENR & Bermuda Fire & Rescue Service teams are dispatched to investigate. Once on scene, DENR report that there is a light sheen on water with remainder of fuel expected to dissipate due to movement of water in area.

Date: 29/10/2017

Sunday 29th October, 7:48pm. Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre receives a call from a member of the public reporting that they had sighted two red flares in the direction of Little Sound, possibly near Morgan’s Point. Bermuda Radio commenced Urgent Marine Information Broadcasts (PANPAN) while also dispatching a police land unit to investigate from shore. Following multiple broadcasts by Bermuda Radio; absence of vessels in the area; and negative report by police land unit on scene; the incident was closed pending further reports or additional information.

Date: 29/10/2017

Sunday 29th October, 1:47am. Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre was contacted by Bermuda Fire & Rescue Service requiring assistance in locating a local sailing vessel believed to be in St. George’s Harbour. A 76-year-old male on-board is semi-conscious and unaware of his exact location, having called BFRS for urgent medical assistance. Marine Police unit ‘RESCUE ONE’ was tasked to assist while BMOC continued efforts in locating vessel. A call to a local contractor revealed that vessel is normally anchored north of Emily’s Bay in St. George's Harbour. Information was quickly relayed to Marine Police who continued to location under best speed. At 2:55am, RESCUE ONE reports that they have made contact with vessel and are making preparations for transfer to Ordnance Island. The patient was landed ashore and taken via ambulance to King Edward VII Memorial Hospital.

Date: 23/10/2017

Monday 23rd October, 1:15pm. Bermuda Radio received a weak MAYDAY call from a sailing vessel on final approach to St. George’s Harbour early this afternoon. Communications with vessel were extremely poor as the single-handed crew member indicated that he was in need of assistance due to engine failure and damaged sails. Pilot boat ‘ST DAVID’ was tasked to assist taking sailing vessel ‘ANAFI´ under tow into St. George’s Harbour. Earlier attempts by Bermuda Radio to establish communications with vessel proved futile with crew member eventually declaring a MAYDAY on final approach.

Date: 22/10/2017

Saturday 21st October 8.29pm. RCC Bermuda receives a call from local ship agent advising that the cruise ship ‘Veendam’ was diverting to Bermuda to disembark a 71-year-old passenger who had badly fractured her wrist following a fall. Veendam, on route from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, bound for Horta, Azores, was due off the east end of Bermuda early Sunday evening. At 10:16pm, Sunday 22nd October, the patient was successfully taken ashore by pilot boat ‘St. David’ for onward transfer by ambulance to King Edward VII Memorial Hospital.

Date: 19/10/2017

Thursday 19th October 6.59am. A 406 MHz EPIRB (Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon) alert was received from the formerly Bermuda registered M/Y GRIFF, since re-flagged to Marshall Islands. RCC Bermuda traced previous owners who confirmed that vessel had since been sold with instruction to re-program or destroy beacon. RCC Bermuda continued to monitor beacon pending further information or additional developments.

Date: 18/10/2017

Monday 16th October 2017, 2:56pm. RCC Bermuda receives a call from the U.S. Coast Guard / Rescue Coordination Centre Norfolk, reporting that the 28ft sailing vessel ‘STELLA MARIS’, was overdue on a voyage from Virginia, USA to Portugal. Family members had expressed concern for the 70 year old single-handed sailor who departed Virginia on Friday 8th September with limited safety equipment onboard (VHF Radio and older model of GPS (Global Positioning System). Coast Guards throughout the North Atlantic Region were instructed to check all local ports in an effort to locate vessel, while RCC Bermuda commenced Urgent Marine Information Broadcasts (PANPAN) to vessels further north and east into the Atlantic. On Wednesday 18th October, Marine Rescue Coordination Centre Lisbon confirmed the safe arrival of ‘Stella Maris’ into Figueira da Foz harbour in Portugal. The skipper indicated his intention to remain in Portugal for one month before returning back to Virginia. Family members were subsequently advised of vessel safe arrival.