Significant Maritime Incidents

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Date: 21/10/2021

Thursday 21st October, 9:30 pm – Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre received a VHF Radio Call from the 23ft Power Craft NAUGHTY BECK, with 3 persons onboard, reporting they had run out of fuel in the vicinity of Dundonald Channel, near Hogfish Beacon. Bermuda Radio commenced Marine VHF radio calls on Channel 16, to see if any good Samaritan vessels in the area could possibly assist. No response was received to the call outs, and the RBR Coast Guard were subsequently tasked and safely towed the vessel to Barr’s Bay.

Date: 17/10/2021

Sunday, 17th October, 2:10am: RCC Bermuda receives a call from USCG D5 regarding a 406 MHz EPIRB alert from the 26ft power driven vessel, WALRUS, located approximately 220nm NW of Bermuda. Following information sharing between United States Coast Guard and RCC Bermuda, a C-130 USCG aircraft is dispatched to the location and a nearby merchant vessel is requested to proceed to the last know position of the distressed vessel to ascertain the situation onboard. Following successful location of the distressed vessel by the USCG C-130 aircraft the vessel is confirmed safe and well. The alert was triggered by the master when a wave swamped the vessels stern. However, he was able to successfully pump out the shipped water and so continue his passage to Bermuda. RCC Bermuda monitored the arrival of WALRUS due to the risks involved in a single-handed ocean passage in a 26 ft single engined vessel. The vessel arrived safely into St Georges Harbour on late on Monday 18th October.

Date: 16/10/2021

Saturday, 16th October, 3:15pm: Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre receives a cell phone call from a person onboard a vessel within Hamilton harbour reporting they are with another vessel which is taking on water they are proceeding to the Waterfront Marina. The two occupants of the 21 ft boat are currently bailing out, however there is continuous ingress. The caller is worried that the vessel may sink. Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre contacts Bermuda Coastguard who dispatch a Coastguard vessel with a pump to assist them. Following discussions between the vessels owner, Bermuda Coastguard and Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre it is decided to beach the vessel to avoid it sinking. The vessel taking on water is escorted by the Bermuda Coastguard vessel to Whites Island where it is safely beached and secured ashore. The occupants are transferred back to Hamilton by the assisting Bermuda Coastguard vessel.

Date: 10/10/2021

Monday 10th October, 3:45 pm – The Ferry Georgia reported to Bermuda Radio that a swimmer had attempted to cross astern of the Ferry as it was moving astern on departure from the berth at Salt Kettle. The captain used the ships whistle to attract attention and the swimmer was able to move out of the way. Police COMOPS were advised, and a unit was requested to try and locate the swimmer and investigate the dangerous incident.

Date: 04/10/2021

Monday, 4th October, 8:12am - A 406 MHZ ELT alert was received for a Bermuda registered aircraft. After contacting the airline concerned and upon further investigation by them it transpired that the beacon had been activated inadvertently and the aircraft was confirmed as safe and well on the ground in the Czech Republic.

Date: 04/10/2021

Monday, 4th October, 12:23pm - Bermuda Radio receives a report by VHF radio from the Fishing Vessel, LEGACY, of orange smoke sighted near North Rock. Bermuda Radio broadcasts an Urgency message to all vessels in the area informing them of the sighting and requesting assistance and the reporting vessel proceeds towards the source of the smoke. LEGACY arrived on scene soon after and reported to Bermuda Radio that the vessel which released the smoke is a disabled 25ft Fishing Vessel with two persons onboard. The disabled vessel was taken in tow back towards Spanish Point where they were met by the Coast Guard.

Date: 01/10/2021

Friday 1st October, 2:44 pm – Bermuda Radio received a telephone call from Southside Police Station reporting members of the public walked into the police station after kayaking in Castle Harbour. They had seen a blue-hulled, Grady-White with 4 persons onboard disabled near Castle Island, the crew onboard had requested assistance. Bermuda Radio could not see any vessels anchored in the area from Fort George and the police sent a land unit to the area, no further information was received regarding the disabled vessel.