Significant Maritime Incidents

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Date: 19/09/2022

Monday 19th September, 7:13pm. During fading daylight, Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre received a Marine VHF radio call from the 20 ft vessel SMOOTH DANCING with 2 persons onboard, advising they were disabled near the North Channel marker buoy #1A. BMOC commenced radio broadcasts requesting assistance for the disabled vessel, a good Samaritan nearby kindly responded, and took the disabled boat in tow, safely to its moorings located in Ferry Reach. No further action was required, and broadcasts were subsequently cancelled.

Date: 15/09/2022

Thursday 15th September, 10:30pm. Astute neighbours at Pier 41 Marina in Dockyard, spotted a fire onboard a nearby 28-foot un-manned Chriscraft powerboat. Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre confirmed that BFS Fire Service units were on route and would be arriving soon, and within 15 minutes the fire was confirmed extinguished. Bermuda RBR Coastguard units also responded rapidly and reported from on scene. There had been no contact with the vessel owner, but during Monday 19th, the vessel had been hauled clear of the water, initial indications, that the fire was the result of overheating from a shoreside power charging unit.

Date: 10/09/2022

Saturday 10th September, 8:58pm - Tour boat EXCELLENCE reports locating an 18 foot centre console skiff DATS SU 999 that has run aground at high speed with 1 POB and a dog on Rickett's Island (immediately west of Burt's Island) in the Great Sound. All occupants are reported uninjured and EXCELLENCE will transport them to Darrell's Wharf. Arrangements are made for BPS to attend Darrell's Wharf and assess the individual on arrival, meanwhile a RBR-Coastguard vessels proceeds to the scene of the grounding to gauge whether any pollution threat exists. Circumstances into the cause of the grounding remain under investigation with the vessel expected to be salvaged in the near future.

Date: 08/09/2022

Thursday September 8th 5:30 pm – U.K. registered bulk carrier CAPE OWL contacts RCC Bermuda from a position 850 miles East Southeast of Bermuda. The 93,488 GRT vessel is on passage to Gijon, Spain and a crew member has suffered a suspected heart attack. Given the ship's distance from Bermuda and the need for urgent remote medical assessment, RCC Bermuda contacts RCC Norfolk in order to have a U.S Coast Guard Flight Surgeon make contact with the ship which has limited medical expertise and treatment options onboard. Unfortunately within hours the ship's Captain updates that the crewman has died and that the CAPE OWL is continuing her passage to Spain versus diverting to Bermuda.

Date: 08/09/2022

Thursday 8th September, 7:50 pm – The 68 foot Candian fishing trawler LINE GUY with 1 person onboard contacts Bermuda Radio on marine VHF radio from a position 20 miles North of Bermuda advising that the vessel was on passage from Nova Scotia, Canada to Dominica, but is now seeking refuge in St. George's Harbour due to approaching Hurricane Earl and the need for other required repairs. The vessel has charts, but with extreme wind and seas along with heavy rain moving into the area with Earl's closest point of approach at the same time as LINE GUY's final approach for Town Cut Channel, St. George's Harbour at around midnight, it is recommended that the vessel's skipper proceed West away from Earl's track and steer around the Northern reef line and to try to find a lee behind the western reef platform. As Hurricane Earl moves north on his forecast track east of Bermuda, winds shift Northeast then Northwesterly and the LINE GUY is able to comfortably ride out the tropical storm forces gusts behind Chub Heads and then Gibbs Hill before continuing east along the south shore during the early morning hours of Friday morning - eventually arriving safely in St George's Harbour at approximately 9am.

Date: 05/09/2022

Monday 5th September, 00:32 am – BMOC received reports from a member of the public located ashore, regarding a fast moving orange colour flare sighted in the vicinity of Morgans Point and Boaz Island. Information was also passed to RBR Coast Guard and Police COMOPS in the event other members of the public reporting additional information, however given the unusual speed of the flare like object and the fact that the atmosphere was so clear, the sightings are believed more likely attributed to either a shooting star/meteorite or debris burning up in the atmosphere.

Date: 04/09/2022

Sunday 4th September, 8:20am. Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre contact the Department of Environment and Natural Resources Fisheries Division regarding a stationary vessel possibly fishing illegally in the northeast Extended Closure fisheries protection area. The Fisheries wardens responded by which time the vessel had in fact moved out of the area. Fisheries reported the vessel was unaware of the regulations and after an inspection confirmed no illegal fish found onboard.

Date: 02/09/2022

Friday 2nd September, 8:00pm. A west end resident located at Ely's Harbour, called 911 requesting for Marine Rescue, reporting a flashing light was seen coming from a small vessel in the direction of Daniel's Head. The reporting source could also see a person onboard whom they thought were waving their arms in the direction of the 911 caller indicating signs that assistance was required. The Bermuda Coastguard were briefed and made ready to proceed to the incident, the 911 caller subsequently reported that a small vessel had proceeded to investigate. It transpired that flashlights were in use in lobster diving efforts, and the 911 caller noted this led to confused thinking that a small boat was needing assistance. No further action was required.

Date: 01/09/2022

Thursday 1st September, 12:15 pm – A member of public contacted Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre to report the 32ft vessel CARVER MONTEGO observed sinking in Riddell’s Bay. The Coast Guard were dispatched and rescued a dog from the vessel, the caller also believed there was a cat onboard, but no cat was found. It was also noted that oil was leaking from the vessel and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources DENR were contacted, who requested the use of absorbent pads to assist with the clean up of the spill. The search for the true owner of this vessel is ongoing, and the dog has been handed over to the dog warden.

Date: 01/09/2022

Thursday 1st September, 02:40pm – A concerned father called Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre as he could not contact his son by cell phone to ascertain his whereabouts or status, but knew was offshore fishing, Bermuda Radio commenced call outs for the vessel on Marine VHF Radio using working channels, including radio channels used by the Fishing Community. Contact was made with a vessel operating with and in close proximity to F/V PLAY PEN who confirmed all was okay with both vessels fishing in the vicinity of Sally Tuckers.

Date: 01/09/2022

Thursday 1st September, 5:52 pm – A resident of Hinson’s Island reported to BMOC a strong smell of diesel. The Coast guard were tasked to investigate and found a large sheen in the area. On investigation it was found that the pollution was coming from the 48ft Vessel CALAMUS. It appeared that 4 barrels of diesel on the vessels deck, had been left exposed with their caps off, they had then filled with rainwater and the barrels had overflowed. The Department of Environment and Natural Resources DENR where informed of the incident.

Date: 31/08/2022

Wednesday 31st August, 2:50 pm – KS Watersports advises Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre that a female passenger is having difficulty breathing aboard one of their tour boats presently at the site of the wreck of the Vixen off of Daniel's Head. A Royal Bermuda Regiment / Coast Guard vessel is tasked to respond from their Boaz Island Headquarters and soon after disembarks the patient from the tour boat and transports her to an awaiting ambulance at Albuoy's Point in Hamilton Harbour. The patient is conveyed to King Edward Memorial Hospital where it is subsequently reported that her breathing ailment has steadily improved while enroute to hospital but she will be further assessed by KEMH Emergency staff.